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A yidishe mame

Artist: Jack Yellen
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First posted by: yidlid.org


ikh vil bay aykh a kashye fregn, zogt mir ver es ken: mit velkhe tayere farmegns bentsht got alemen? men koyft es nit far keyne gelt; dos git men nor umzist, un dokh, az men farlirt dos, vifl trern men fargist! a tsveyte gibt men keynem nit es helft nit keyn geveyn, oy! ver es hot farloyrn, der veyst shoyn vos ikh meyn. a yidishe mame, es gibt nit beser in der velt a yidishe mame, oy, vey, vi biter ven zi felt! vi sheyn un likhtig iz in hoyz ven di mame iz do; vi troyerik fintster vert ven got nemt ir oyf oylem habe! in vaser un fayer, volt zi gelofn far ir kind, nit haltn ir tayer dos iz gevis di greste zind; oy, vi gliklekh un raykh iz der mentsh vos hot aza sheyne matone geshenkt fun got nor an altitshke yidishe mame mame mayn! ver iz aykh bay dem vigele gezesn tog un nakht? un ver hot bay ayer krankn bet keyn oyg nit tsugemakht? ver hot far aykh gekokht, gebakt, gearbet un geshklaft, un ver volt far ir kind avekgeleygt ir letste kraft? bay vemen zayt ir ale tayer, ale fayn un gut? ver volt far aykh gegebn ir letste tropn blut? a yidishe mame...


I want to ask you Answers who can With which dear possession Does god bless everyone? You can't buy it with money It's given for free And yet, if lost, How much we weep No one will give a second one As much as we lament Oh, he who lost it Knows what I mean A yiddishe mame There's nothing best in the world A yiddishe mame How bitter when we miss her The house is so nice and bright When the mame is there It becomes so sad and sinister when god Takes her away. Through water and fire She would run for her child Not to care for her Is certainly the greatest sin Oh, how happy and rich the man who has This beautiful god's present Just an old yiddishe mame My mama. Who sat by your craddle Day and night Who by your bed when you were sick Never closed an eye Who cooked for you, Worked as a slave Who would for her child Use her last forces Who thinks you always dear Always fine and good Who would give for you Her last drop of blood? A yiddishe mame...