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Arbetlozer marsh

Artist: Mordekhay Gebirtig
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First posted by: yidlid.org


Eins, tsvey, dray, fir, arbetloze zenen mir, nisht gehert khadoshim lang in fabrik dem hamer-klang, s lign keylim kalt, fargesn, s nemt der zshaver zey shoyn fresn, geyen mir arum in gas, vi di gvirim pust-un-pas. Eyns, tsvey, dray, fir, arbetloze zenen mir, on a beged, on a heym, undzer bet iz erd und leym, hot nokh ver vos tsu genisn, teylt men zikh mit yedn bisn, vaser vi di gvirim vayn gisn mir in zikh arayn. Eyns, tsvey, dray, fir, arbetloze zenen mir, yorn lang gearbet shver, un geshaft als mer un mer, hayzer, shleser, shtet un lender, far a hayfele farshvender. Undzer loyn derfar iz vos? Hunger, noyt un arbetloz. Eyns, tsvey, dray, fir, ot azoy marshirn mir, arbetloze, shrit nokh shrit, un mir zingn zikh a lid fun a land, a velt a naye, vu es lebn mentshn fraye, Arbetloz iz keyn shum hant in dem nayem frayen land.


One two three four, Yes, we are the unemployed! Since months we haven't heard the sound of tools in the factory, they lie cold and forgotten, the rost eats them alive. So we roam along the streets, like the rich doing nothing. One two three four, Yes, we are the unemployed! Without cloths, without home our bed consists of soil if someone has a meal we do share everything we drink water like the rich do wine we down it we down it One two three four Yes, we are the unemployed! For years we have worked so hard! and created more and more Houses, Palaces, Cities and Countries for a bunch of wastrel What is our reward for this? Hunger, misery and unemployment One two three four so now we do march! Unemployed, step by step and sing our song the song of a new world where free people are living freely unemployed is not a single hand in this new and free country