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Belz, mayn shtetele Belz

Artist: Jacob Jacobs
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First posted by: yidlid.org


Dertseyl mir, alter ‬ Dertseyl mir geshvind vayl ikh vil visn alts atsind Vi zet oys dos shtibele Vos hot a mol geglantst, Tsi blit nokh dos beymele Vos ikh hob farflantst? Dos shtibl iz alt farvaksn mit mokh un groz Der alter dakh tsefalt, In fentster keyn gloz Der ganik iz krum Tseboygn di vent‬ Du volst dos shoyn zikher gornit derkent Oy oy oy, Belz, Mayn shtetele Belz, Mayn heymele, vu ikh hob mayne kindershe yorn farbrakht Zayt ir a mol geven in Belz, mayn shtetele Belz, in oremen shtibele mit ale kinderlekh dort gelakht Oy, yedn shabes fleg ikh loyfn Mit ale yinglekh tsuglaykh Tsu zitsn unter dem grinem beymele Leyenen bay dem taykh Oy oy oy, Belz, Mayn shtetele Belz Mayn heymele, vu kh'hob gehat Di sheyne khaloymes a sakh


Tell me, old man, Tell me quick For I want to know everything now. How does the little house look, which used to sparkle with lights, Does the little tree blossoms which I planted long ago? -The little house is old overgrown with moss and grass. The old roof fallen, the windows are without glass. The porch is crooked, the walls bent. For sure now already you wouldn't recognize it at all. Oh oh oh Beltz, my little town! My home where I pleasantly spent my childhood Once you lived in Belz my little town in the poor little room all the children laughed. Every Shabes I would run with all the boys to sit under the green tree and read by the river. Oh oh oh Belz, my little town Belz, My home where I had so many fine dreams