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Der filosof

Artist: Velvl Zbarzher
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First posted by: yidlid.org


Kum aher, du filosof, Mit dayn ketsishn moyekhl. Kum aher tsum rebns tish Un lern zikh do seykhl. Yam baym bam bam... A damfshif hostu oysgetrakht Un nemst zikh mit dem iber. Der rebe shpreyt zayn tikhl oys Un shpant dem yam ariber. Yam baym bam bam... A luft balon hostu oysgeklert Un meynst du bist a khorets. Der rebe shpet, der rebe lakht, Er darf dos oyf kapores. Yam baym bam bam... Tsi veystu vos der rebe tut Beys er zitst biyekhides? In eyn minut er in himl flit Un pravet dort sholesh-sudes. Yam baym bam bam...


Come here you philosopher, With your cat's brain, Come to the rebe's table And learn some wisdom Yam baym bam bam... You thought up a steam ship And with that you praise yourself The rebe spreads his kerchief And walks over the sea Yam baym bam bam... You invented a hot air balloon And think you're a genius The rebe scoffs, the rebe laughs, He has no need for it Yam baym bam bam... Do you know what the rebe does When he is seating alone? In one minute he flies up to heaven And takes there his Sabbath meal Yam baym bam bam...