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Der nayer sher

Artist: Abraham Ellstein
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First posted by: yidlid.org


Hey, du klezmer, nem dem fidl Shpil dos naye lidl. Tantsn vet men dem nayem sher. In a karahod men dreyt zikh Un dos harts derfreyt zikh Nor ven men tantst dem nayem sher. Hekher, hekher biz di stelye Shpringt der zeyde Elye. Es vilt zikh lebn im vos mer. Un di bobe Sosye kvelt fun nakhes Sonim oyf tsu lokhes Tantsn vet men dem nayem sher. Nu, zet, nor zet vi yeder freyt zikh Un vi me dreyt zikh Un me tupet mit di fis. Dos harts tsegeyt, nor tantsn bet zikh Vayl ven men tantst vert dos lebn azoy zis. Freylekh zayn atsind darfn mir ale Troyerik zayn dos vet men shoyn nisht mer Vayl bazetsn vet men bald di kale Un tantsn vet men gor dem nayem sher. Vos toygn ale dayges, ale zorgn Oyfn hartsn ven es iz dir shver? Beser bruder hofn az biz morgn Veln ale in eynem tantsn dem nayem sher.


Hey, you musician, take your fiddle Play this new song. We will dance the new sher. In a circle we turn And the heart rejoices Whenever we dance the new sher. Higher, higher, to the ceiling, Jumps grandpa Elye, It makes him want to live ever more. And grand-mother Sosye swells with pride Let's forget the ennemies We will dance the new sher. Look, look how everyone rejoices And how we turn And stamp with the feet. The heart is breaking, But begs to dance Because when we dance, life becomes so sweet. Happy we need all be now Sad we won't be anymore For the bride will be seated soon* And we will dance plenty of the new sher. Why worry and be concerned In your heart when it's hard for you? Better, brother, hope as until morning Will everyone dance together the new sher.