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Di tsukunft

Artist: Morris Winchevsky
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First posted by: yidlid.org


o, di velt vet vern yinger, un dos lebn laykhter, gringer, yeder kloger vet a zinger vern, brider, bald. loz dos folk nor vern kliger, un faryogn dem batriger, im, dem fuks, un oykh dem tiger fun zayn sheynem vald. o, di velt vet vern shener, libe greser, sine klener, tsvishn froyen, tsvishn mener tsvishn land un land. loz di glaykhkeyt nor bazign farbrekhn, shvindl un lign, loz der mentsh nor endlekh krign mentshlekhn farshtand. o, di velt vet vern frayer, frayer, shener, yinger, nayer, un in ir di vorheyt tayer, tayer vi a fraynd. loz der tuer nor zikh shteln mutik kegn di vos kveln zayne brider un gezeln - mutik kegn faynd. o, di velt vet vern drayster un es vet nisht zayn a mayster, nisht di kroyn un nisht der tayster, nisht dem zelners shverd. loz dos folk zikh nor nisht bangen frish a hoyb zikh tsu derlangen un zikh nemen - nisht farlangen - zayne rekht oyf der erd. mutik brider, mutik shvester! yener kamf, der letster, grester ruft aykh fun di tukhle nester* oyfn frayen feld. alzo, mutik in di rayen, in di rayen, tsu bafrayen tsu bafrayen un banayen undzer alte velt.


O the world will be younger, and the life lighter and easier, each mourner will become a singer soon, brothers. Let the people become wiser, and chase the swindler, him, the fox and also the tiger, from its beautiful forest. O the world will be more beautiful, love greater, hatred smaller, between women, between men, between land and land. Let equality overcome crime, deceit and lie, let the people eventually get a human understanding. O the world will become more free, more beautiful, younger, newer, in it the truth dearer, dear as a friend. Let the doer just stand brave in front of those who oppress his brothers and companions - brave in front of the enemy. O the world will become bolder, and in it will no longer be the master, nor the crown, nor the wallet, nor the soldier's sword. Let the people just not fear to raise again, and take - not ask - its rights on the earth. Be brave, brothers, be brave, sisters! this fight, the last one, the greatest one, calls you from your stale nests to the open field. Thus, be brave in the ranks, in the ranks, to free to free and renew our old world.