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In kamf

Artist: David Edelstadt
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First posted by: yidlid.org


Mir vern gehast un getribn, Mir vern geplogt un farfolgt; Un alts nor derfar vayl mir libn Dos oreme shmakhtnde folk. Mir vern dershosn, gehangen, Men royb undz dos lebn un rekht; Derfar vayl mir emes farlangen Un frayheyt far oreme knekht! Ober undz vet nit dershrekn Gefenkenish un tiranay, Mir muzn di mentshhayt dervekn Un makhn zi gliklekh un fray. Shmidt undz in ayzerne keytn, Vi blutike khayes undz rayst; Ir kent undzer kerper nor teytn Nor keyn mol undzer heylikn gayst! Tiranen! ir kent im nit teytn, Dos iz an umshterblekhe blum, Zayne shmekende, flamende kveytn Blien shoyn itst umetum! Zey blien in denkendike mentshn, Vos libn gerekhtikeyt, likht Aleyn di natur tut zey bentshn Tsum kamf, tsu di heylike flikht. Bafrayen di oreme shklafn, Vos shmakhtn in hunger un kelt, Un far der mentshheyt bashafn A fraye, a likhtike velt. Vu es zol nit gisn keyn trern, Nit flisn umshuldikes blut, Un mentshn vi glentsende shtern, Shaynen mit libe un mut! Ir kent undz dermordn, tiranen, Naye kemfer vet brengen di tsayt; Un mir kemfn, mir kemfn bizvanen Di gantse velt vet vern bafrayt.


We are hated and driven We are tormented and persecuted And all that only because we love The poor downtrodden people. We are shot and hung We are robbed of our lives and rights Because we desire the truth and freedom for the poor slave But we won't be frightened By prison and tyranny We must awaken humanity and make it happy and free Bind us in iron chains Like bloody beasts pull us You can only kill our body but never our holy spirit Tyrants, you can't kill it It is an immortal flower Its smelling, flaming flowers Already blossom everywhere They bloom in thinking men Who love justice and light The nature blesses them For their holy fight Free the poor slaves Dying from hunger and cold And for humanity create A free, a bright world Where it won't shed tears Where innocent blood won't flow And where men like bright stars Will gleam with love and courage You can murder us, tyrants Time will bring new fighters And we will fight and fight till The whole world is set free.