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Artist: Zelig Berditshever
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First posted by: yidlid.org


freyen zikh iz gut, freyen zikh iz gut, lomir zikh fargesn khotsh oyf eyn minut! feter-lebn iz a kasn hert nit oyf undz knaypn, shmaysn nemt a glezl, trinkt lekhayem lomir ale in eynem shrayen: halt dem zak un shit kartoflyes zoln tsitern di toflyes ver di toflyes hot tsebrokhn zol kartoflyes sheyln, kokhn kartoflyes sheyln, knishes makhn, veln mir esn trinken lakhn, hey hey, hey hey hey! freyen zikh iz gut... vern hertser fil mit sines, alte vayber zogn kines yunge oygn shisn, blitsn, lomir oykh nit leydik zitsn halt dem zak... freyen zikh iz gut... geyen tsores, kumen leydn, un di simkhes mit di freydn ayngeveykt in blut un trern, lomir glezlekh iberkern halt dem zak... freyen zikh iz gut... undzer lebn, vi nokh a regn oyf besaraber roye vegn yeder khakrenen un zorgn, beser koysenen biz morgn halt dem zak... freyen zikh iz gut... ver ken tseyln, ver ken mestn yugnt tsorn un protestn hey, bokhuremlekh un meydn, kumt fartrinken ayer leydn halt dem zak...


Rejoicing is good, rejoicing is good, Lets forget ourselves for a minute! Father Life is a grouch Never stops pinching and striking us Take a glass, drink "to life"! Let's all shout together: Take the bag and pour potatoes Make the dishes tremble He who breaks the dishes Will peel and cook potatoes Peel potatoes, cook the knishes, we'll eat drink laugh, hey hey, hey hey hey! Rejoicing is good... Hearts grow full of hatred Old women are lamenting Young eyes throw lightning Let's not just sit there idle Take the bag... Rejoicing is good... Troubles go, sufferings come, And rejoicing and joys Are soaked in blood and tears, Lets empty the glasses! Take the bag... Rejoicing is good... Our lives, like after the rain, Bessarabian raw pathes Each one wonders, worries, Better get tipsy till morning. Take the bag... Rejoicing is good... Who can count, who can measure Youth, rage, protests Hey, boys and girls, Come drink away your troubles! Take the bag...