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Mayn tsavoe - O, gute fraynt

Artist: David Edelstadt
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First posted by: yidlid.org


O, gute fraynt, ven ikh vel shtarbn, Trogt tsu mayn keyver undzer fon, Di fraye fon mit royte farbn, Bashpritst mit blut fun arbetsman. Un dort unter der fon der royter Zingt mir mayn lid, mayn fraye lid, Mayn lid in kamf vos klingt vi keytn Fun dem farshklaftn krist un yid. Oykh in mayn keyver vel ikh hern, Mayn fraye lid, mayn shturem lid; Oykh dort vel ikh fargisn trern Far dem farshklaftn krist un yid. Un ven ikh her di shverdn klingen In letstn kamf fun blut un shmarts, Tsum folk vel ikh fun keyver zingen Un vel bagaystern zayn harts.


O my good friends when I die, Carry our flag to my grave, This free red-colored flag, Sprinkled with workers' blood And there, under the red flag, Sing to me my song, my free song, My song 'In kamf' that rings like chains Of the enslaved Christian and Jew. In my grave, I'll also hear My free song, my storm song Also there I'll shed tears For the enslaved Christian and Jew. And when I hear the swords ring, In a last fight of blood and pain I will from the grave sing to the peaple And inspire their heart.